Fire & Smoke


Maybe you walked away from a boiling pot of chicken and went to town while the pan melted and smoked up your house. Maybe the toaster caught on fire, scorching the walls and cabinets. Or even worse, maybe you have had an extensive house fire and feel like all is lost. We can help!

Smoke Damage

The danger of smoke damage isn’t necessarily about what you can see but what you can’t see. Smoke particles are very fine, are often invisible to the naked eye, and have a knack for settling into the small cracks and crevices of your home and on all of your personal contents. With every breath you take, you may be inhaling soot and smoke particles containing toxic elements that can severely damage your lungs. If not properly cleaned and removed, lingering smell may permeate your home for a long time, if not permanently. We will assess the damage to drywall and other materials and formulate a plan for any necessary removal and cleaning by our technicians.

Fire Damage

If you have experienced a structural fire, we will come in once the fire department has left and secure your property to prevent weather damage and trespassing. Together we will work on a plan to get you settled and begin the insurance process to get your life back on track as quickly as possible. Once we secure the property and confirm safety for our crews, we begin the pack-out and cleaning procedure of all your personal contents. Each item is documented, and carefully packed up to be cleaned by our professional cleaning crews and is securely stored until your home is fully remodeled. We help you through the rebuild process, if requested. Upon completion, we return your contents to you, clean and ready to use. We are committed to helping you every step of the way. See our Contents Cleaning page for more information.


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After hours and weekends:
If you have experienced a major, structural damaging flood after normal business hours, we can help begin the drying out process. If you have experienced fire damage we can help you in your time of distress by securing your home, assessing your needs, and helping you navigate your insurance claim.

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