Soda Blasting

Welcome to the latest technology for removing virtually any coating from almost any surface. The soda blasting machine uses compressed air to deliver baking soda onto the surface to be cleaned. Although similar to sandblasting, it is much gentler on underlying surfaces and the environment.

It is non-abrasive, will not harm chrome or glass and is an all natural process. It can also reach deep crevasses which sand can’t reach. Whether you need to clean up from fire damage or simply age and neglect, soda blasting is your best method to clean things up.


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Working Hours

After hours and weekends:
If you have experienced a major, structural damaging flood after normal business hours, we can help begin the drying out process. If you have experienced fire damage we can help you in your time of distress by securing your home, assessing your needs, and helping you navigate your insurance claim.

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