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When was the last time you had your air duct system or dryer vent cleaned?  When you moved in?  Never?  The HVAC ducts in your home are a favorite hiding place for dust, dirt, pollen, skin flakes, pet dander, fungi, hair, dust mites, and may even become the final resting spot for dead rodents.  Not a very pleasant thought.

If you are noticing dirt and dust buildup on the supply and return vents in your home, or if it seems that dust is settling on surfaces before you even put away the cleaning supplies, then it’s probably time to have your ducts cleaned.

What about your dryer vents?  Do your clothes take a long time to dry?  Do you see excessive lint around your dryer?  Cleaning your lint traps isn’t enough.  Lint from clothing enters the dryer cavity through improperly installed or damaged lint traps and tubes, then it contacts hot surfaces like electric heating coils or the flame of a gas operated burner. This can cause fires that severely damage your home and put the lives of you and your loved ones at risk. We recommend you get your air ducts checked and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid damages.

Cleaning your home or business air ducts and dryer vents isn’t something you should attempt on your own.  It’s a complex process that requires extensive knowledge of HVAC systems as well as specialized cleaning equipment.  The friendly technicians from Tim’s Cleaner Carpets & Restoration are certified in the NADCA (National Aire Ducts Cleaners Association) protocols so you can be confident that your ducts will be cleaned correctly and according to the most up-to-date, and approved methods and processes.

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