Mold spores multiply in humid and wet conditions and can be damaging not only to your health, but also the structure of your home. Call us if you smell a musty odor or see mold growth and we will assess the situation, explain your options and start the mitigation process. It is important to act quickly to dry out any moisture and stop mold growth. If there is structural damage we can help you navigate your insurance claim and get the repairs taken care of so you can move forward with your life. Don’t wait! Call us today!


590 Old Corvallis Rd,
Hamilton, MT 59840
Across from the Pharaohplex

Phone: 406-369-3636

Working Hours

After hours and weekends:
If you have experienced a major, structural damaging flood after normal business hours, we can help begin the drying out process. If you have experienced fire damage we can help you in your time of distress by securing your home, assessing your needs, and helping you navigate your insurance claim.

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